In tonight’s episode I am joined by previous guest Karen McKellar.

You will remember her from a few months ago, when she shared her story on how she came to adopt two babies and her journey up to that point.

As we are aware from our own lives, we all have more than one story and Karen is no different.

Karen speaks about how she searched for her father for decades, only to be met with tragedy 40 years later on the fateful day she would meet him face to face.

Karen McKellar spent over two decades searching for the father she had never met.

We spoke about the effects that growing up without a father can have from a males perspective in the episode with Aaron, the founder of Raising Boys To Men.

Growing up fatherless can affect men and women in different ways but with the same outcome.  The common theme around both these stories are the feelings of rejection, abandonment and how it can affect you in the long term (relationships, validity etc).

My dad broke my heart long before any boy could – Unknown

Despite both Karen and Aaron having no real relationship with either of their fathers, it hasn’t stopped them from being the best parents they can be.  Both are committed to investing the time and energy that they never received.

You can listen to Karens story below or search for ‘Love Laid Bare’ on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Castbox or any of your podcast listening apps.