This week I am joined by Sasha Johnson, mother of 4 and survivor of her own insecurities.  She describes her painful childhood, that ultimately led her to constantly seek validation from those around her, including friends and even within her long-term relationship.

From experiencing domestic violence in the home, the murder of her dad from a violent attack in prison, a difficult relationship with her mother, being bullied at school, to being kicked out at 16 and having her first child at 18.

Sasha has had a long journey to the road of self love & appreciation.

Listen to her story now!

This weeks blog post has been guest written by Sasha Johnson, Mummy Blogger of Mums The Worde .


How do I look?

I’ve always been the type of person to make an effort before I walk out my door. Hair done. Makeup done. Clothes put together. When I first had my daughter (eldest child) my appearance did not change and neither did it change when I had my son. In fact when I had my son I feel like I made a little bit more of an effort because I was still young and my appearance meant a lot to me. My work colleagues and associates couldn’t understand how I done it.

By the time I reached baby no.3 my appearance went down. There was lack of effort to even comb my hair. And now with baby no.4 there seems to be no chance… my hair stays in the same hairstyle for a week without it being redone. Although it looks like I am comfortable with the way I have been carrying myself I can honestly say it does not align with who I am.

Sasha Johnson, Founder of The Goddess Lounge & Mums The Worde

Every mum knows what the school run looks like. Some of us fresh faced and raring to go and the others looking more tired like they literally dragged themselves out the house. Well, I joined the tired look… coming out the house like I threw myself out of bed. And it felt horrible. It made me feel low. I looked like nobody’s child. I didn’t feel like Sasha. Now, real talk, it’s okay to have days like this but my problem was that it became everyday. Until I became used to it and so did my kids. It got to the point that if my kids did see me with my hair done and stuff they would ask straight away ‘Where did you go today mum?’.

We all know as a mother the time we put aside for ourselves often gets dismissed by other things and that is what has been happening to me for a while. I remember a time where people would say to me ‘why do you have to be done up every day?’ and I would take it personal and thought I needed to care less about my appearance. Boy, do I miss those comments! I appreciate them so  much because it reflected how good I actually looked. Right now I look in the mirror and say Sash, get it together mayn.

I watch my daughter get ready on a daily basis and see how much effort she puts into her appearance. It makes her feel good. I realised that she got that trait from me. She has only saw me be that way inclined. She shows me how much I am missing myself and I adore her.

How do you look today?

Sasha has been trying to empower women through her writing and videos on various platforms including Instagram, Facebook & Youtube. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.