2005 was a massive year of transition for me.  I had quit my job working as a Claims Advisor for a large well known company and began my career as an Engineering Underwriter.  During that summer I had also sold my first  car, a little T reg Peugeot 106 because I couldn’t afford to maintain it whilst out of work.

It was in this year that Swiss from So Solid released his classic track ‘Cry’.  From the first time I heard it to this very day, its a track I can never get bored of.

For me ‘Cry’ hits deep and whether it be the lyrics, the melody or beat, the combination of all those ingredients creates an absolute masterpiece.


Caption of tweets
I post this purely to show how I feel about the song. Lol!

It was probably after my last tweet where I shared the YouTube link to the video that I realised what a perfect fit the track was for Love Laid Bare.  He talks about experiencing trauma, addiction, deaths, the affect of structural racism, crime and grieving about all of these things.

If this is your first time listening to Love Laid Bare, understand that the primary purpose of the platform is to encourage you a) acknowledge your trauma and b) to do something about.

Cry, as I said above, speaks about so many trauma’s that we, our friends, family or peer group are going through.  If you are affected by anything that we speak about in this episode, please visit our Resources Page for a list of support services.

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In this interview we discuss his life growing up, life within So Solid and dig deep into the trigger points of the song.

Get comfy as this is not a conversation you want to miss!

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The Nadaland universe is full of specially bred hybrid birds raised by the Royale Family and turned into soldiers in order to keep Nadaland a safe place. Enemies often try to steal eggs for themselves but are always unsuccessful in their attempts.


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