In this weeks episode I am joined by Natasha, ICU Nurse & founder of Facial Attraction Aesthetics.

NHS nurse

Tasha, ICU Nurse & Founder of Facial Attraction Aesthetics

We discuss the day in the life of a nurse working for the NHS and the mental challenges that come along with the role.

Are nurses leaving the register at the current highest recorded rates because of high levels of stress? Are the most relied upon medical staff taking on more than they can carry.

If you have ever spent time in hospital or had a friend or family member spend time there, you will know and appreciate how valuable the role of nurses are to the wellbeing of the patients.

With bursary cuts as well as thousands leaving the nursing register every year, the NHS is in a nursing crisis!  Public services have had salary freezes or caps at a measly 1-2% whilst the cost of living has sky rocketed.

It appears now that the government are trying to entice students back into the nursing field.

Prime Minister backs NHS staff with £5,000 annual payment for nursing students

All nursing students on courses from September 2020 will receive a payment of at least £5,000 a year which they will not need to pay back.

Whilst these gestures are great, work still needs to be done on the ground to support the nurses already working in the field.

It’s not often we get to hear from the nurses themselves, so it was important for me to give them a voice.

Listen to Natasha’s experience of working in the NHS and the struggles she and other nurses have to endure on a daily basis.

Please share this episode with your friends and family, particularly those that work within the field.

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