Wow! Thats it! 2018 is finito!

How did you spend your New Years Eve? I never usually plan to go anywhere as I like to see in the new year with people and surroundings that mean the most to me.

I am very much in line with the saying, ‘start as you mean to go on‘.

I spent most of the day rushing around trying to spring clean and finish off the washing so that come 9pm, I could settle into a nice Himalayan salt bath with fresh lemons. Yellow was the theme and I had also made myself a brown sugar and coconut oil scrub just to top it off.

Lemon and Roses!

For good measure and purely to add to the aesthetics of it all, I had some freshly cut yellow roses and a bottle of prosecco that I would pop open at midnight.

Following that I had planned to lay out all of my 2019 goals around me, add some new ones and then visualise with gratitude as the clock struck 12.

Those plans were completely scuppered.

My two year old daughter had other ideas and decided to wake up just as I was about to set the bath. It took another half an hour to settle her down again and all the while I watched the clock whilst swearing under my breath.

My Himalayan salt bath infused with fresh lemons and adorned with candles, roses and champagne only lasted a measly 30 mins. My 2019 goal visualisation still hasn’t happened, but Im okay with that.

My NYE plans!

My sister came round with another bottle and we toasted in the New Year whilst watching the London fire works display on the TV. I was adamant that I wanted to be alone, but actually having her company made me realise that being alone is not what I want for 2019.

As Im typing this blog, Im actually laughing at my subconscious behaviour. Everything in my actions for the last day of the year was about cleansing and I hadn’t even realised.

The salts, the lemons, the burning of sage and palo santo (which I hadn’t mentioned) and the frenzy to clean my home was all part of a subconscious need to cleanse and come into the new year feeling fresh in mind, body and spirit.

A lot has happened this year and Im grateful for it all. Ive never had a ‘why me’ attitude to life. The glass is always half full, no matter how unhappy I am. I also understand that the tough times are all about building you to reach your highest purpose. Everything is as it should be; its just how you react to it that makes the difference.

I found myself in a position where close to the end of the year, a situation arose that slightly angered me. But I then had to remind myself that I am constantly asking the universe to close those doors to things and people that no longer serve me. Who I am to be angry? Why would I even waste that energy in thought? I let it go as soon as I came to that realisation and here I am swimming in peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

When you look back on 2018, don’t think on it as a year of pain, but a year of growth. You made its through each day and you should be proud of yourself. There are so many people that didn’t make it through 2018. I lost my Grandma on the 6th January 2018.

Watching her slowly pass away over the course of a few days was one of the most peaceful things I’ve ever experienced. I spoke with her, held her hand, read the bible to her and played music my intuition led me to. She tapped her fingers to the beat and I was almost transported through time to her youth. I learnt so much about her in that short time.

My grandmother was a good Church going woman but her spirituality surpassed anything that the church would’ve given her.

When I think about her life, her fears, what she would’ve had to leave behind to come to the UK and all of the traumas she experienced. I absolutely must live my life to the fullest potential and continue her work. Her sacrifices and burden’s honestly makes my heart cry.

I owe it to her to continue to be fearless and try to evoke healing through my blogs and podcasts.

Thank you!

Thank you thank you thank you!

If you’re reading this Im talking to YOU!! If you’re listening to the podcast I am talking to you. If you’ve liked, shared, followed, messaged, called, been a guest host, an anonymous contributer or have just been there for me….. THANK YOU! My heart is literally oozing with gratitude and Im sending love to you all wherever you are in the world.

So this will be the last episode of season two, but do not despair! I won’t be away too long!

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Take care of yourself!

Dionne x