Back in 1985, Whitney Houston told us what the greatest love of all was.  How we sang with earnest, probably screeching at the heights of the song and feeling all the good feels that came along with it.

Were we really listening though? Like really?  You know how sometimes you can sing the same song for decades but it can take that one time for you to hear something you’d never heard before?  That was me with ‘The Greatest Love Of All.


‘Learning to love yourself, that is the greatest love of all’ – Whitney Houston

It wasn’t until I realised (after a rude awakening during a therapy session) that I in-fact didn’t love myself. It was only then that Whitneys words really hit home for me.

You see, there are some of us who are well aware that we have no love of self, some who have perfected their craft and those who think that they’re swimming in self love, but have actually tricked themselves into believing that they are. I was the latter.

Self love is a constant journey and there will be times when life will throw you a curve ball. Whether it be in your childhood, your teenage years or adulthood, there will always be something to knock you off that pedestal. Its how you get up and what you learn from it that will re-establish that connection to the divine which is true love of self.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

If you can’t tell at this point, I’m a bit of an RnB fan and love nothing more but to use songs to help explain or run parallel to the discussion in point.

It is somewhat evident that the woes of our relationships can’t always be placed upon the other party, because they are almost a reflection of something within us. What is it that we are lacking within ourselves that keeps attracting the same type of people and which in turn leads to relationship failure?

Whilst I know a bit, I invited Victor Granville aka ‘The Real Love Strategist’ to discuss why healing and self love is so important before embarking on a new relationship.

Victor Granville ‘The Real Love Strategist’

Victor is a Relationship Coach, 3 x author, Speaker and facilitator who has many years experience in teaching self development though a myriad of techniques.

The main topics of discussion this week are:

  • Healing before entering a new relationship
  • Rejection & engulfment
  • What is real self love


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I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did! Please leave your comments below and if you’re affected by anything please visit our resources page for support services.

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Please continue to look after yourselves. Self love in all areas is the key!

Love Dionne xx