In this weeks episode I am joined by Dionne & Nii who have both shared similar experiences whilst travelling alone.

It’s interesting that they both have experienced similar feelings whilst spending time alone.

How long have you actually spent in your own company?

Can solo travel improve your wellbeing?

You’ll hear in this episode that I came to the realisation that I hadn’t really spent any time alone at all. This actually shocked me because I never even realised that this was an issue.

We can all be alone with our thoughts for a certain period of time but having a family, going to work, getting phone calls and social media can quickly delay the solace that we need.

It’s not surprising that many hardcore religious folk will spend days at a time in deep meditation and prayer. Buddhist monks are known to do this and even Jesus himself spent 40 days in the desert, and who did he have to face?

Its time for me to hit the road!

I have thought about solo travel for a while now, but it was more of a bucket list type of thing. I didn’t really account for how it could help me mentally 7 spiritually until this episode.

It will be difficult to park the mum quit aside, but I owe it to myself to give myself the time out I deserve.

Feel free to hold me accountable as I want something booked before the Christmas period! Lol!

Enjoy this episode, its a very candid chit chat with beautiful singing at the end as its my birthday on Friday : 0 )

I might take a break next week just to have some time off for my birthday, but I’ll let you know!

Take care & get booking if this episode resonates!

Dionne xxx