Todays podcast is somewhat inspired by a Facebook group that I am a member of.  Ironically the group is called ‘In Celebration of Sisterhood’, and I do believe it does what it says on the tin.

It’s an open forum of honest and witty advice from ladies of various ages, who I believe in some aspects share the same basic goals.  We all want to live full, enriched lives and are happy to share our problems amongst this small community of a sisters.

However, lets not get it confused.  Any non-sensical scenarios or bad attitudes will be dealt with accordingly and oftentimes with the tough love that is needed.

We do not always agree but there is a strong sense of mutual respect and I personally haven’t witnessed anyone being dragged to hell with any foul-mouthed expletives conjured up by Satan himself.

Isn’t that what Sisterhood is all about? If I class you as my sister, good friend, close friend, best friend or even just a ‘friend’, I am bound by the laws of what the sisterhood entails.  If we could all work from the same page then we would understand that most of the time, the things we say, which may sound harsh are always done out of love.

True Sisterhood Is Love

What does ‘Sisterhood’ mean to you?  What are the laws that govern it if there are any at all?

Sometimes there is a danger in making assumptions to what is acceptable with a friendship and how you behave outside of it.  We are not all the same and our individual morals vary widely.  What you may consider as a complete taboo, your friend may not think in the same way as you do.  How do you approach that?

Is it possible to maintain a deep meaningful relationship if you are clearly going in two different directions in life?

Whilst I may consider myself to be the most laid back, always ready to listen and easiest going person, over time more than a few friendships have fallen by the wayside.

All ended for a variety of reasons and all but one were left in a very calm manner.

Personally, I have always operated an open door policy.  Whilst I am understanding and somewhat flexible, I can’t tell anyone how to feel. So when you are over it and you’re ready to come back, I will be here waiting with open arms.  That doesn’t mean I am in the wrong, it just means that I am not going bother my spirit with your absence.

There have been times when I have done this to my own detriment, but I am slowly learning how to implement the boundaries and learn how to love from a safe distance.

There isn’t one failed friendship that I look back at in anger.  I understand that everything and everyone has a reason and a season.  

I would say that disappointment is probably more of a valid feeling.

So what are the laws of sisterhood?  Ive never really thought about it, but essentially do onto me that you would have done onto yourself.  Before I do anything that may affect someone else, I try and put myself in their position and consider my actions from there.

Here is a small list of things that are personally important to me within my own sisterhood and what Ive learnt over the years:-

  • Be the person that I can lean on for emotional support, love, laughter, good times and vice versa.
  • If you see me slacking in any area, you have the authority to advise me to level up!
  • When I am wrong, tell me!  Even if I argue and can’t see the wood from the tree’s, still tell me.
  • If I come to you to vent, never assume I am always looking for a solution.  Sometimes I just want you to listen.
  • Never covet another woman’s partner, either within the sisterhood or outside of it.  If you do, understand you will hear my mouth.
  • If I upset you, please tell me before I see indirects on social media (that hasn’t happened in a long time but its still worth putting it out there).
  • Whilst I love the intimacy of a sisterhood, I also love my space.  You should not be offended if I don’t make contact daily.
  • Its important to stay out of mutual friends relationships. Be only a sounding board unless they both ask you to be involved in the situation that requires mediation.

There is a lot more I could have added to this list, but I would be interested in hearing what your expectations are within your own sisterhood?  Drop them in the comments below.

The Definition Of Sisterhood

So we are quickly drawing to the end of the year and I may release another two episodes, but we will see.  I am hoping to have a ‘Sisterhood Season’ in 2019 where we can have some heavy conversations about our relationships with each other, so stay tuned. 

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As always thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this weeks episode!

Take care of yourselves!