Before I launch into this weeks topic, can I just say that the past week has been very emotionally draining.  I had some bad news pertaining to a close friend of mine and I don’t remember the last time I cried like I did.

I was completely blindsided by their news and Im still trying to process it now.  A few days later came the devastating news of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and several other passengers that lost their lives in the tragic helicopter crash.

I woke up on Monday morning feeling very tearful, but I had to make a decision to proceed with my day as planned and recited some affirmations that helped me restore order within myself.  This weeks episode is dedicated to the family and fans of Kobe Bryant.  

During this segment of the podcast I have listed some tips you can use to help you deal with the triggers that death can perpetuate.

Thank you for being a legend and inspiring a generation.

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Kobe Bryant death

Kobe Bryant and his family

This week we are having a break from the norm whilst I discuss whether or not men should automatically assume the role as the head of the household.

  • Why is there an inherent need to want to lead?
  • Is this concept outdated now?
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Ade & Bonita of the Adzvice Podcast

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