When my friend and artist Georgina said she had secured us a podcast interview with Kelechi Okafor, I am sure my first response was ‘Yes gyal!'(thats ‘Go girl’ for my none patois speaking readers).

If I am honest, whilst I knew who Kelechi was, I would’nt say that I knew much about her.  

I knew she had a dance studio, had the upper body strength that I’ve desired all my life (upside down splits on the tube anyone)and had recently graced our screens on major news networks.  This lady was making some serious moves and didn’t seem to be slowing down.

Many moons ago she’d occasionally pop up on my timeline dragging someone or some injustice for filth, and from what I saw it was always completely justified.

If there was any major discussion going on that required a voice, Kelechi seemed to be the spokeswoman for it and I admired her from afar.  

Kelechi Okafor -( Photo credit: Emma Lynch edited by Love Laid Bare)

The interview with Kelechi, never quite went to plan but what an enjoyable conversation it was.  

Georgina had a list of questions, whilst I had decided to just feel my way through it.  I wanted to speak to her with no further preconceptions about who I thought she was.


Instantly, I must say, “mi spirit did tek her! Or in other words, I warmed to her instantly.  

Kelechi is outspoken, unapologetic and refreshing in a time of imitation and seemingly vacant souls.  

You never really know what people are battling, but I get the feeling that she is quite transparent.  

Kelechi is raw and honest but can also recognise when she may just be ‘moving a bit mad’.

Throughout her personal and public trials, she is a pillar of strength and resilience.  She puts this down to her strong spirituality and her choice to see a therapist.  For me personally, this makes me really happy.

”I am going to fight for every single thing…”

My regular listeners will know that I cape very hard for self awareness. I encourage people to address their traumas with the help of professional counsellors and therapists.

This platform primarily is geared towards encouraging people to firstly start talking about their trauma’s and then taking the necessary steps to heal.  

If only we had more people like Kelechi who have no qualms in speaking on things that have affected their mental health! We could probably break the stigma.

During our interview she poignantly says, ‘I am going to fight for every single thing and I’m going to leave this earth making the most massive impact in one way or another.  The world will know who I am!’.

I have no doubt she will do exactly what she says and I will be right there cheering her on.

Enjoy the conversation which will be featured in two parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Take care of yourself

Dionne x

P.s If you are affected by anything we speak about in this episode, please visit our resources page where you can find a list of support services.

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