This week I am joined by Jessie St John-Sharpe, a previous contestant on the UK television show, The Biggest Loser.

Jessie Sharpe, before and after her astonishing 7st weight loss.

We discuss her long battle with weight management from childhood and how she ended up as a contestant on the show.

Having lost 7 stone in 6 months, Jess keeps it real on her body image issues and how corrective surgery still did not give her the body she envisaged.

Listen here!

Rarely do we speak about the issues that can arise after weight loss.  Whether it be your low self esteem that is hellbent on making your new life a misery or the loose skin that no one mentioned you might get.

I really appreciated Jessie’s rawness and honesty in this conversation.  It goes to show that ultimately it is the internal work that will trump anything you can improve physically.


Jessie won the ruler up prize on the TV show ‘The Biggest loser’.

You can follow Jessie on Twitter @figure8pt &  Instagram @figure8fitness

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