Welcome back everyone!

I hope you have been keeping well during this period of lockdown.  No doubt this time in history has either taught you something about yourself, what you can live without or how you want life to look going forward.

I’ll definitely having some discussions around COVID-19 and what the long term impact will be in the coming weeks.


Haleema – A True Survivor

This week I am joined Haleema, a young lady I met back in 2019 at an event called Shatter The Taboo, hosted by Beautiful Trauma.

This petite ball of energy literally captivated the audience with her condensed story and Im certain I was not the only person in the audience that looked her in disbelief.  Not that we didn’t believe her, but with everything she had been through, you wouldn’t expect someone to have such confidence and capture the audience with such vigour.  I was so moved by her story, I just knew I had to interview her on Love Laid Bare.

We exchanged details and a few months later set up the interview.  This weeks interview is an extended one, however, Haleema story starts from childhood and encompasses many traumatic events.

A few of the traumatic events she has survived include a sexual assault whilst on holiday with her family by a stranger, self harming, a sexually abusive relationship, homelessness, an abusive marriage and a suicide attempt.  This is all happened before her mid-twenties.

I want to personally thank Haleema for sharing her story with us and express my complete admiration for her commitment to turning her life around.

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If you have been affected by anything we have spoken about in this episode, please head over to our Resources Page for a list of support services.

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Thank you for reading and listening to the podcast! Please join our mailing list for Love Laid Bare news and events!


Thank you for reading and listening to the podcast! Please join our mailing list for Love Laid Bare news and events!