Before I get started, firstly allow me to explain myself.  I gave no warning that season one of Love Laid Bare would come to an abrupt end, and for that I apologise profusely.

The reason for this extended hiatus is for two reasons.  One being that I have now taken up the position as a Radio Host on Croydon FM every Sunday morning.

My show is called ‘Sunday Brunch With Dionne’ which is a topical debate show sprinkled with a mixture of primarily old school RnB.

So far, I have covered topics ranging from Gospel Drill Music, Knife Crime, Child Maintenance to Male Circumcision and Consent.

‘Sunday Brunch With Dionne’ 11am – 1pm on Croydon FM

The opportunity was advertised and I thought, ‘Why not?’.

What I hadn’t anticipated was the amount of work that had to go into producing the shows prior to airing.  I have had to learn how to use DJ & radio equipment, play music to a radio standard, research my topics, select my music and make sure its clean, interview people and edit these recordings prior to the show.

All of this whilst fighting the inner voice that keeps telling me that I am not a DJ and really not good enough to be on the radio.  However, once that Croydon FM jingle signals that we are live, I have no room for self doubt.  I literally kick that little voice to the kerb!

I am really enjoying the experience and now have another string to add to my bow!

Listen in every Sunday from 11am-1pm (BST) via the TuneIn app or at

Watch a snippet of me in action! Sunday Brunch With Dionne

New Content

The second reason is that I have been working with some fantastic guests who have shared their personal journeys and experiences.

I’ve Been Busy![/caption]

I wanted to broaden the conversation and really get into some gritty and often uncomfortable topics.

This season will cover a variety of topics including incest, female infidelity, depression, friendships, colourism, male self esteem and much more.

The ethos of Love Laid Bare is to open up the conversations that we either don’t want to have or that we are only willing to speak about it with those close to us.

I want my readers and listeners to understand that these emotional traumas we experience (and that we brush off as ‘life’) can have a serious affect on our mental health.

I am a complete advocate for mental self care and heavily encourage everyone to seek therapy if and when they need it.

The resources page on this site lists various support groups and services applicable to each blog and podcast.

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Thats Great, But When Will Season Two Start?

I promise that season two will recommence on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 at 8pm (GMT).

The Love Laid Bare podcasts and blogs will be released every Wednesday going forward.

This will allow me time to focus and provide you with the best content. Also, do you really want to listen to me twice in the same day on the radio and podcast?

There will be visual content as requested by many of our followers, so be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

As always, thank you to the listeners from all over the world.  We are a small platform trying to make a big impact. I cannot express how grateful I am to everyone that has been in contact to show their support.

If you have a personal experience that you would like to share, please fill in the contact form below.  All enquiries are dealt with the upmost respect and sensitivity.

Lets Talk!

Dionne xx