Listen to how this babies life was changed forever through adoption!

Here is an ‘official’ welcome back to my LLB family!

I thought I’d kick off SEASON 4 with a heartfelt story that starts off as trauma, but concludes with a happy ending with all parties involved.

It is true when they say, ‘You never really know what someone is going through!’.

I have known my guest Karen my whole life (family), but had no idea about her story.

In this episode Karen shares her agonising journey from struggling to have children to adopting a beautiful little girl who was abandoned in Brixton back in 2009.

This story speaks on the start of her journey with adopting and fostering, and she would like to raise awareness, particularly amongst the black community.

Karen has changed the lives of two beautiful young girls for the better and this most definitely a happy ending for all.

Karen with her two adopted daughters.
Karen and her daughter ten years later.

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You can also visit our Resources Page for information and support services on Adoption in the U.K.

Thank you for coming back for another journey with Love Laid Bare.

Take Care

Dionne xx